Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Dreamless Night

The Dreamless Night - by Jamie Hughes
suicide, depression, hope, poetry, courage, clouds, dreams

There once was a night like no other
Skies were dark and empty
Dark like looking down into a deep, black well
Soul-less, nothingness forever
Not one star could be seen
Not a twinkle, not a glimmer
There were no wishes made that night
No hopes, no dreams
That was the Dreamless Night
The moon was absent
Her mysterious, beautiful glow was gone
No reflection of the Sun could be seen or felt
There was no tomorrow coming
There would be no joy in the morning
Silence could be heard
Both pleasant and eerie
Soothing yet frightening
The dreamless night was just beginning

This is a poem I wrote several years ago while going through a depressed episode. It definitely reflects the feelings I was experiencing at the time. Melancholy, despair, hopelessness - the usual gambit for depression. Do you have negative feelings like these during depression? As real and potent as these feelings are, they don't accurately describe what I know to be true. God has tried to teach me over the years to learn to recognize thoughts based on pure feeling (which I already know are influenced by my depression) and not let them control me during down times. This is easier said than done, of course, but is 100% learnable and doable. Psalm 30:5 says "weeping may stay for the night, but joy comes in the morning." Even though my emotions were telling me there was no hope or joy in the future, God's truth says the opposite. With Him, there is a better day coming, there will be a sunrise. Right now, we have to make it through the dark, cold night before we see the promise fulfilled, but God doesn't lie. The next time you are feeling hopeless, try admitting to yourself that those feelings are real, but not true. It helps me a lot during those times.

God bless!

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